Misumi 3D Pro - Designed for the r/3DPrinting sub-reddit

This is a deprecated 3D printer design I put together for a Misumi sponsored competition, it utilizes a very high number of Misumi components to complete the gantry assembly. I built this machine slightly different than the design package, and the files are purely there for reference of this design.

This 3D printing platform is meant to be a scale-able tech-demo for Misumi configurable components, and it showcases customized plates, extrusions, linear rails, lead-screws, and many others. One could conceivably purchase all necessary structural parts directly from Misumi allowing construction without any 3D printed components eliminating the pre-requisite of a 3D printer.


Misumi Customized Components Index Table

The driving methodology & requirements of this printer are as follows:

  1. The main gantry, and all axis of the printer must be assembled from Misumi customized plates, and extrusions

  2. The printer must be designed to allow for a reasonable amount of thermal expansion if the chamber were to be heated

  3. Utilization of round Misumi Rails, and their lead-screws will be used to construct the Z axis of the printer

  4. The motion platform of the printer will be based on the corexy belt platform allowing the X and Y motors to remain stationary

  5. The design must be modular such that it could be shrunk down in build volume, expanded, or, have the main motors replaced with NEMA 23 frame size motors.

  6. Wherever possible, metal, Misumi components will be used in the place of 3D printed components.

The documents provided for this build will include: complete Bill Of Materials with configuration options, pictorial BOM of sub assemblies and respective components, 3D renders of assembled printer, and complete assembly manual.


Assemble 2 versions of the X-Idler assembly as shown below, this is to allow for ease of assembly and also allowances for thermal expansion of the frame if the chamber is to be enclosed.

The motor plate may be swapped for a modified version with hole spacing for a NEMA 23 motor should that be desired.

The build plate will need 3 holes drilled and counter-sunk for M3 screws, the positions will be noted in a drawing in the appendix.

Note: Hardware not listed for extruder mounting, use M3 bolts appropriate for your stepper (Stepper must be 34 MM).

Also, a dual extruder modification is in the works, essentially it doubles up on the motor mount plates with some minor changes.